Outfit Deets Peeps!

I actually have a very funny story for you later, but now I have to force my ass to get to yoga this AM before I eat another piece of banana cream pie? In bed? That I post mated? Hmmm…gets weirder and weirder. BTW who invented post-mates? Fucking genius idea! Anywho- here are some photos […]

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Hey kids! Happy Monday- Let’s talk about my Saturday shall we? First of all, I should let you know that I have an weird obsession with food over the past week, what can I eat? What haven’t I had in a long time? Do I want sweet or salty? Or do I want both- LOTSA […]

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Today I want to discuss a very important part of all of our lives I’m sure; friendship. Friendship is what we rely on to get through the good times, the bad times, the confusing times, the emotional breakdown times and my personal favorite the  ” what the fuck is happening time”.  Sometimes things get so […]

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And it’s Monday!

Well well well, we haven’t chatted since Friday! Sorry, I took the weekend off to just drink and hang with my friends and have a GIRLS NIGHT OUT! WOOOHOOOOO, which I realize is never as fun as you anticipate and is a little ridiculous considering we all just want to be with our boyfriends anyway… […]

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