The Hunt – Mobile App

So, I found out about this free app called The Hunt, where you can upload an image of an outfit you love but don’t know where to buy it. The community on the app will go Hunt for it and tell you where it’s from! Pretty impressive.. Try this outfit I’m wearing, see if the […]

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8:25am MoNDAY MORNING and I am frantic!! You know when there is just no time to rest and all you want is your period so the two watermelons you’re carrying around go back down to a comfortable and manageable  size? That is me right now , that has been me for the past week. My […]

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10:21PM- Just got home from a whirlwind of press in NYC- Glam at 5: 3o am, you know the whole deal. This post has nothing to do with any of that though …this post entirely is dedicated to the fact that I LEFT BEHIND MY ENTIRE KIT OF PRODUCTS BEHIND. Face wash, toner, moisturzier, eye […]

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Killa Headphones!

So as most of you know I was in Wyoming for a few days last week. One thing I truly wish I had while I was there was a set of headphones, like, how do I not own headphones? So once I returned home I picked up a pair of the new Frends “Taylor” headphones […]

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3:12PM, You guys- I’m exhausted. I did a 50′s inspired photo shoot this am in ARCADIA, which was a good time, I can’t wait to show you guys the pictures. We got back from Wyoming yesterday, which let me tell was an experience…I AM COVERED IN MOSQUITO BITES AND I am beyond exhausted. Here is […]

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