JESUS CHRIST- SOME OF THE MAKE-UP THAT I HAVE HAD TO EXPERIENCE THROUGH MY EXISTENCE ON T.V IS TRULY ON SOME OTHER SHIT. I can’t have bad make-up, there is no room on my face for it, I am fair skinned and have extremely sharp and intense features and I am blonde! I JUST CAN’T […]

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It’s Throwback Thursday and what better way to celebrate then looking good and feeling good! I have had a lot of inquires about my beauty regime as of late, definitely from season 2 on air, so not to reinvent the wheel let me re-post all of my MUST HAVE products here. My favorite products, love […]

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HI. 4:17PM- Full GLAM as I write this baby out. I taped Dish nation this morning, which was a lot of fun. The Heidi and Frank show to be specific. I will give you guys details on when that airs tomorrow when I  actually have a clue. How was everybody’s day? I went to the […]

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12:44PM COMING TO YOU LIVE FROM THE BEVERLY HILLS HOTEL POOL. I literally brought my computer because I knew this was going to be a big blogging day for me in explaining the events that transpired last night, and I wanted no detail forgotten or unintentionally  erased from my psyche.  The night started out on […]

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AM! I  have had  a consistent pain on the right side of my lower abdomen for the past four days. It’s not my appendix, I had to have emergency surgery to have that taken that out three years ago- and trust me, I wouldn’t wish that PAIN on my worst enemy. I’m thinking it could […]

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5:27PM- Post the most dramatic RKOBH episode ever. Firstly- Let me just start off by saying, nobody’s full personality is shown in 22 minutes. Although Roxy may have not have had her finest hour in last night’s episode, at least it was truthful, real, and uncensored. No human being is perfect and nobody is without […]

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