WELL, just a few things-

Number one on my list- Sharing a very real fact  that surfaced today while at brunch. A brunch that consisted of four very hungover, tired and lackluster people who didn’t have much conversation other than exchanging the names of our family accountants for various reasons. While my parents have employed a SHIRAZ for the past twenty years, ROXY’S (Persian) fam surprisingly trusts a BILL with their finances?? And btw don’t worry, I just re-read that last sentence and I too would think I was a very dumb cunt. Nonetheless it was the highlight of my morning.

Number Two- A thought that has been on my mind for quite some time now. Ca$h out- LET’S BE REAL for one second. Although the song is rather enjoyable and I have definitely danced around more times than not to this little didy AND OF COURSE, I’m happy for the condo around your neck and wrist but; Me walking round with no check on me, psshh Yeah I doubt it. ???? (!!!) In order for this to be an accurate statement you would actually need to know how to fill one out???? Let’s stick to wads of cash in rubber bands for now…

Happy Sunday!




  1. Jenny   •  

    Shiraz. Im dying. Love this.

  2. dorothy   •  

    mine is raymond!

  3. Lexi   •  

    You drop the C word like it’s classy cool? And your stories make zero sense… Checked this out after seeing a preview for the E! series. This might be below Pretty Wild.

    One more notion…. a blog without photos leaves a hefty reliance on your content, which is clearly typed by someone with an 8th grade reading level. So, if this is a career path, quit.

    • Monica   •  

      Morgan obviously writes with “tone”. Tone being a literary term that can be described as personality, character, voice, etc. Sometimes it’s not about having perfect grammar, but letting reader’s know the writer’s way of talking/being. I think she’s brilliant, just saying,

  4. Katie   •  

    Hysterical. Please write a book.

  5. Sandra   •  

    omg… dying… you’re vulgar and I love it!

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