12:18 PM, Beverly Hills Ca..coming live to you from the couch…A couch that includes -me, the birds nest on top of my head, a really cozy grey blanket, a sleeping dog (Baguette) her toy lobster that squeaks and last but not least..TWO heating pads on either side of my hips that are in so much pain because i’m just falling the fuck apart.

The morning started out pretty ordinary, eggs that weren’t great and a screech coming from the bathroom. Brendan had consumed a beet juice yesterday and forgot… How you forget to drink such a disgusting thing is beyond me, but the point of the scream was to alert me that he THOUGHT he had a very bloody stool this morning. ” I almost passed out ” Those were the words uttered to me as he emerged from the bathroom, sweaty.  So yes, DING DING DING that is the indicator that you have been dating for slightly over a year.

Anwyho- HAPPY NEW YEAR! Tune into #RKOBH #JANUARY19TH I start the season out very plump….



  1. no   •  

    just for that ending… you’re awesome. because fml right now when i am currently a plump ass bitch when two short months ago i was 10-15 lbs lighter. ew.

    can’t wait for the show!

  2. Megan Cipollone   •  

    THIS post is everything.

  3. Jess Atkinson   •  

    Plump? you are like Perfect and I will tune into #RKOBH love the show and all characters/people

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