I basically don’t know how to pose on a red carpet and it’s embarrassing at this point. First and foremost, Roxy and I very last minute dragged our asses to the Maxim HOT 100 party last night at The Pacific Design Center. By last minute I mean I went to yoga at 4:30, ran home, got my hair done and then realized I had no clothes at Brendan’s, which lead me to the trunk of my car, which lead to me wearing my stretched out leather Row leggings, which aren’t stretched because of how old they are but rather how thin I have become, ya dig? I also brought my day bag with me that I didn’t want to make somebody else hold while I walked the carpet, so now the photos are even more awful then they started out to be. One thing I did notice was that I am somebody who (believe it or not) does their own makeup wayyyy better than other people do it for me. I need a very clean and subtle look accompanied by a feathered lash to add some pizazz , I can’t look like somebody spray painted the side of a freeway during their community service hours.

Let’s move on, I am done obsessing over myself! ( I haven’t even had breakfast!!) THE PARTY WAS FUN! HOT GIRL ALERT, weird, but really, there were a lot of hoes and a lot of fake tities out in the mix! And a lot of people from like central Florida I feel like. What else can I tell you? The highlight of my night maybe? After doing the rounds of hello’s to all my old friends that I awkwardly have known since I was 16, I had Roxy take about 34u539534593859894859 photos of me to post on my IG (LIKE OH MY GAWD). They were all a bust and by a bust I MEAN A BUST, which lead me to making a very mature decision of NOT forcing it and just letting the night not be an IG night. I don’t constantly need to put up an OK photo from every event, until I looked up and there they were. WALKING TOWARDS ME ,heading to the table located directly in front of mine were not one, not two, but THREE Los Angeles Clippers. I JUMPED UP AND GRABBED ROXY AND STOMPED MY way over there! CAN WE PLEASE TAKE A PIC, MY BOYFRIEND IS OBSESSED WITH YOUR ENTIRE TEAM, IN A NON BANDWAGON FAN TYPE OF WAY AND HE WILL DIE! They all smiled and nodded and could not have been nicer and I got the best picture ever. He’s a little butt hurt this am he did’t attend. I will try to find some other  photos later that are cute!


Happy Hump DAY

BTW: My Outfit Deets

Shoes by Gianvito Rossi
Pants by The Row
Top by Narciso Rodriguez


  1. samantha808   •  

    That sounds so fun! Do you just chill around the people you know for most of the night? or is it weird to go talk to all the famous people and meet them?

  2. Amanda   •  

    Tell me about it – I’ve been kinda awkward pose wise lately too but then I get wrapped up in the event and forget to take pics altogether…#bloggerfail lol.

    Love the blog!

  3. Sara   •  

    so you had a blast! Do you hang out with non-rich people like middle-class?

  4. Stasi   •  

    Morgaaaaan. How did you lose weight. I saw an IG pic of you and your arm looked thiiin and I was so jealous.

    Anyway, I have a site that’s only half as good as your’s. Check it out if you’re bored/hungover/full and looking for lols:

    yay! bye

  5. Natasha   •  


  6. judy   •  

    Posing like you own it is never an awkward pose lol. Woot woot

  7. Jaymee   •  

    Please share what makeup you used for the night.

  8. David   •  


    You can’t talk about how you took a bigillion IG pics at this party and not post any on this blog post. #BadBlogger ;D

  9. Steph   •  

    Morgan, Where is the gold heart necklace from? Is it Jen Zeuner? Thanks!

  10. Patti   •  

    HELP Please!!! Can anyone tell me what tan handbag Morgan is wearing on this photo (Maxim’s Hot 100 Women Event) – I absolutely love it and Morgan, you called it “day bag” but didn’t reference it with what you were wearing that evening (stunning by the way!).

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