Monday morning, coming live to you from the make-up  chair. We have interview day today which basically means, it’s the longest day ever, with a lot of talking and snacking on random items that you: A. never even see anywhere anymore and B. would never eat under normal circumstances…THINK Nutter Butters? I know your sixth grade self just got so pumped!

As I write this out, I am currently awaiting a call back from my ENT. My horrible throat issues have come back to haunt me! I gargled, I followed all the steps, and two days of back to back dinners out and the occasional beverage, my throat is on fucking fire to put it mildly. I don’t even know what is going on at this point, all I know is that my health is run down and I am really unhappy about it!

Currently it is: 12:54pm on Tuesday. I  have only gotten out of bed three times since 7am and the only reason was because I had to pee. I have an unexplainable virus occupying my whole body. My head feels like an elephant is stomping on it, which is probably why  I forgot to post this yesterday.  On another  note: I am off to Hawaii tomorrow for some R&R for three days for RKOBH. I can’t wait! I just hope that the plane ride doesn’t kill me! Will post lots and lots of pics!!


  1. kelsey cavender   •  

    I hope you feel better.. I am having the same thing going on & my z pack has worked wonders!

  2. Jess Atkinson   •  

    Hey oh my gosh I found your blog after watching the show #rkobh And came across this amaze blog!! :) Ily your so fun to watch on the show xo

  3. Cassie   •  

    sorry your not feeling well again :( but mmmm nutter butters =P


    Get well soon cupcake and Nutter Butters are my absolute fave! muah and xoxo from

  5. Diana   •  

    Me gustaría si se pudiera ver en español. Sigo el programa a traves de E ! Besosss

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