THANK FUCKING JESUS! I have been to every single boutique, department store, gem vintage places and beyond in Los Angeles to find the perfect dress for the AMA’S. I can’t tell you how hard it is to find appropriate non cheesy party wear. It basically doesn’t exist and I am not one for bold colors […]

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IS on, Olive and Baguette are in bed with us and we have already consumed FATBURGER, which also took place in bed…..which is totally disgusting there is no way around it, we just didn’t care this am. I’ve realized that hangovers come regardless of HOW much alcohol consumed- whether I have two drinks or six, […]

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ON SUNDAY MORNING…. How is it that that song is like YEARS old now? Time just really isn’t polite huh? Doesn’t wait for NO ONE, which is probably why my daily dose of frustration includes the same phrase: “WHY AM I NOT DOING MORE?!” As you all know I have the AMA’S ON THE 23, […]

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full moon

8:47am – THURSDAY MORNING. What is going on? Wait- FIRST BEFORE I BEGIN, YOU GUYS I HAVE ONE WORD: OLIVE. Olive is the cutest fucking animal I have ever laid my eyes on. She is so sweet and soo smalllllll I can’t stand it, I just want to eat her up. How I’m a mother […]

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It’s HUMP-DAY. I have not shit. WTF. I am having such issues with that, and Brendan is not- of course. I have such big news to announce you guys tomorrow, I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT!! I’m giddy with excitement but also shitting my pants. What is everybody being for halloween btw?


HI guys, How are you? Happy SUNDAY- I’m feeling very inspired and revved up this morning. Almost experiencing an indescribable feeling if you will. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel very alive and very motivated to just sort of be raw and out there and  not sweat the small stuff. […]

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Outfit Deets Peeps!

Two nights ago we hit up the ten year anniversary for Life and Style magazine and this is what I wore! Want to keep it simple for all of you this Saturday am. Also- You should know, every single one of these outfits I’ve been posting recently  is picked ten minutes before I walk out […]

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Outfit Deets Peeps

HAPPY THURSDAY! Two nights ago- Myself, the fabulous EJ JOHNSON and D-WANG, hit up Nicky Hilton’s #356 style book signing party at Kyle by Alene too. You know, that store, owned by my favorite housewife -Kyle Richard’s aka our friend Farrah’s mom? Farrah and I went to Pre K together all the way through to […]

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