Feelin’ No REMORSE feel like my hand was FORCED

6:23PM, December 27th, 2013, Beverly Hills Ca.

Less than a month away from the premiere of #RKOBH, a show that was manifested by me over the past 25 years of my life. I have NO idea how this came to be a reality but to say I’m scared shitless would be a huge understatement . The anxiety comes in waves, it definitely varies through out the day. SOME DAYS I’m more than thrilled to have a job and others I think to myself…HOLY SHIT there is no going back. Every word that was uttered by me or my friends over the past three months can be displayed however a group of people see fit?? Listen the whole world talks shit, myself included…but I’m not sure if I’m ready to have a 100,000 people all tell me at the SAME time how disgusting I am or how much they hope I die…and soon. That’s going to be a harsh reality. Hopefully one that will be dealt with sooner rather than later…

On a positive note: Well before I go on my positive note, my promo just aired and I just can’t believe I only have four pieces of hair? Like why did I think it was ok to be in a white t-shit in every scene and be too lazy to use some hot rollers? I just didn’t realize this was going to be seen by more than the twenty people who were in the room. ON A POSITIVE NOTE-  The reality is…friend or foe, if you have had an encounter with me of some kind, you probably would say I was entertaining ( or loud and obnoxious as hell ) and that everything that is happening, makes sense. I know every boy in my fourth grade class is definitely not shocked. I MADE SURE all those motherfuckers had my birthday cleared. There was no can’t make-it’s to any function I had as a child. I really am somebody who needs quite a lot of attention or my mood begins to turn down for the worst.  Lastly: to all the motherfuckers who are talking shit and A. think I am unaware or B. think they have any right as they waste away in their own pathetic misery with NOTHING GOING ON FOR THEMSELVES, you can so politely suck my dick. The High-school glory days are over. #NEXT

Until then…we’ll see you JANUARY 19TH.


  1. Alex   •  

    brilliant!!!! xxx

  2. penny   •  

    You’re fucking awesome and I can’t wait for this show purely because I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years. You look so gorgeous with your hair all Grace Kelly-ed out.

  3. mimi   •  


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  7. mike   •  

    You come across like a vapid cunt with a eating disorder!

  8. Rachel   •  

    I admit, after watching the first 10 minutes I gave up on the show.
    But a couple of days later it came on again and I actually found myself enjoying it and the episodes after. You guys are just hilarious and loveable!

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