I know so many of you e-mail me about my workout routine and what I do to stay fit. I am somebody that truly loses and gains weight completely equally. A lot of my weight fluctuations in the past have had to do with how happy or unhappy I have been.  Trust me, I have been BOTH UP AND DOWN. As I have traveled through my twenties, I have very much grown out of my junk food/ fast food dependency. I love pizza and all things carbs and I never avoid them but I also don’t eat them for lunch and dinner. Honestly to just keep it real, shitty food as you get older makes you feel shitty. I don’t want to feel shitty, I want to indulge once or twice a week and love every bite of it! Not over do it so I feel disgusting, tired and lazy, just enough so that it tastes like heaven.

Today I wanted to share a little trick I incorporate into my routine when I need to detoxify and get shit on track.


FLAT TUMMY TEA – and that is exactly what the fuck happens, your stomach becomes FLAT. In my case flat and un-toned but none the less flat….

How to use? Well that is totally up to you. It can be an everyday thing or it could be the flat tummy “a fresh” which is every other day.

How to make it? You guys it’s tea, not brain surgery. The tea has a mild laxative effect, what this means is: if you want the tea to be strong as hell, you leave it to infuse longer. If mild is your thing, let it sit for two minutes and drink up! The point of the tea is to detoxify your system. Ridding you of toxins and all that nasty shit you ate last weekend that you want to kill yourself over.

Flat Tummy Tips – To get some of this goodness visit their online site: www.Flattummytea.com.au.



  1. Stephanie Walter   •  

    I just ordered it to try!!!


    Thanks Morgan for the tip. This will be the perfect boost I need to detoxify and get my 6 pack back to peak form. thestinky.com staff

  3. Theresa   •  

    AWESOME! I really appreciate this post, just ordered :)

  4. Joey   •  

    Hahaha this is so perf! and I’ve made the mistake when drinking it and then going over to someones house. Never. Again.

    • ari   •  

      What happened XD

  5. Stephanie Solalindez   •  

    Any discounts??

  6. Hannah   •  

    Great tip! Thanks Morgan!!

  7. Caroline Pruitt   •  

    Just ordered the tea to try! XOXO

  8. Ana Carolina Almeida   •  

    I’m from Brazil and I follow Rich Kids of Beverly Hils on TV. I realy like you girl! You are amazing!

  9. meghan   •  

    hi morgan! i was just wondering what web host you use for your blog?

  10. konst   •  

    So no more McD?

  11. Amanda   •  

    I think I need this! It’s coming down to the final weeks before my Spain trip and I need all the help I can get 😉 Thx for the tip!


  12. Jess Atkinson   •  


  13. Nelsy Reyes   •  

    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG! I just ordered this tea! Any one who would like to see results follow my instagram @nelsyreyes 😉

  14. Mary   •  

    You posted a pic three weeks ago wearing a ivory crop too and the most amazing silk cropped pants in a silverish/grey color please tell me who makes them

  15. Kait   •  

    Looking forward to trying it out and see for myself! #ordered

  16. Sheila   •  

    No carbs for lunch or dinner. Mind telling us what your typical lunch and dinner would consist of? Thanks!

  17. Caroline Mendez   •  


    I hope your right about this because if you are then look out peeps. This 50 year old is looking better already lol. Anyway Morgan I will try anything once and how bad can tea be for you. I wish I could hang out with you richkids sometime you all have a lot of fun. That is my life fun, fun, fun! I am a dj by night and play house music my dj name is Sheltergirl and I am on http://www.mixcloud.com/CarolineakaSheltergirl2001Mend/
    Take a listen sometime! Keep up the great job with your blog you have come a long way and I can’t wait until Aug 3rd for the new episodes I have it on my calendar lol.

    Caroline aka Sheltergirl

  18. Bibi   •  

    “FLAT TUMMY TEA – and that is exactly what the fuck happens” HILARIOUS.

  19. gigi   •  

    hi morgan! thanks for the tip! which tea do you buy? The two week trim or the the Four Week Fab?
    Thank you!

  20. Isabel   •  

    I just ordered mine, and I can’t wait to try it!

    Thanks for the suggestion X

  21. LexyC.   •  

    I just ordered the four week fab plan!! I can’t wait! Thanks for blogging it :)

  22. Angelique   •  

    Girl this sounds awesome! and being from Australia it’s super handy cause it’s an Australian site. Thanks for the tip Morgan Xx

  23. T.E.H   •  

    Use the code “scolas15off”. Thank you Morgan for introducing me to this tea :)
    Can’t wait for #RKOBH tonight!

  24. Annie   •  

    Hi Morgan! I’m starting today with this, I hope this helps my new exercise and diet (I’m trying to eat more healthy and less yummy crap).

    Love your show!!! you’re a strong woman and I hope I can be more like you.

    Greetings from Hong Kong!

  25. Linda   •  

    I think you are the best! However, I did not do well with this tea at all. I bought the four week set. I stayed on it for a little over a week and I had a severe nausea until I finally said enough is enough. Sometimes with herbs are body acts different then others. Hope everyone else is doing great on it and you look amazing!

  26. Cami   •  

    I bought my tea and have only used it a few times. It comes as a loose tea, so it is a bit of a pain in the ass
    to make. Also..you don’t get much, just two small (really small) ziplock bags. Would be so much easier if they came in traditional tea bags.

  27. Erin   •  

    what if you bf?

  28. Phyllis   •  

    pls how do I get one

  29. Kari   •  

    Finally bought this!!! Wedding prep :) I only have a month until the big day!

  30. Dani   •  

    What happens once you stop drinking it?

  31. Mo   •  

    Pls let no know how can I order this, which site????

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