It is completely stunning and your friends are equally gorgeous. xoxo from thestinky.com

  1. Devon   •  

    Roxy literally has the best body she is a dream

  2. Twan   •  

    Welcome to Honolulu my hometown. Have fun. You must check out Hulas bar and lei stand at the Waikiki Grand. Fabulous gay bar.

  3. konst   •  

    you’re all babes… I have an idea for your blog. You can make it so that every time you refresh the page it shows it in a different layout. Like you can have 4 layouts and it cycles through each of them every time the page is refreshed. Good idea huh?

  4. Marta   •  

    You are amazing and for some reason I am obsessed with everything about you! Please fill me in on your diet and workout secrets! What do you eat on a daily basis and do you work out? You’re killin it girl.

  5. Alex Samuel   •  

    Dear Morgan,
    I love your show RKOBH and I love your blog.It actually inspired me to start my own blog but the downside of it is that I have never written a blog before and I’m finding it really hard to start. I would really appreciate if you reply with some tips.

  6. Carina   •  

    The pink Triangl swimsuit looks amazing on you! All the pictures are lovely and the landscape is a dream! <3

  7. Camila   •  

    Showing amazing bodies out there! Queen M, loving your blog. You need to update a little more often! And make funny videos, you are hilarious Queen M! Ly!!

  8. Maria Clara   •  

    Adoro as roupas que vocês usam …são tão lindas,pena que é tão cara…a moda não é nada altruísta,as pessoas não deveriam ser classificadas pelas roupas,mas a moda é assim mesmo,cada um tem um estilo diferente mas moda é moda,aquela classificação inclassificável!!

  9. Alyona   •  

    I love you, Morgan. You’re so cool!

  10. Stella   •  

    Hey morgan wondering what brand ur sunnies are. Plss lemme know! Thanks!!

  11. t   •  

    hi morgan where did you get your hat from i love it!! thanks

  12. Rosario Lopez   •  

    You look hot Morgan…LOve your style..!!!

    Just amazing <3


  13. Jennifer   •  

    I honestly thought this was a joke! I watched the show (thinking it was a bad comedy) and after it was over, I thought that there was no possible way it could be true! People like all of you really exist! I am blown away!

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  15. Saundra   •  

    This bathing suit is everything!!!

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