Mahalo from the hardest act to follow

ALOHA! 6:47am in HAWAII, coming to you  live from the bed of my master bedroom that Roxy and I decided we were sharing. I don’t want to rub it in, but I basically have a 36o degree view of beach, sand, turquoise water and an abundance of palm trees that have been lightly swaying back and forth for the past hour. The sun is BEAMING and I couldn’t be happier to be here. This type of atmosphere was much needed and I know you wanted to know but I am feeling MUCH better. Things are pretty mucus-ey but at least things are coming out and the elephant that was stepping on my head has decided to lift his foot. YAY ALL AROUND. Let’s move on to  topics that are completely unrelated, shall we?

Why does everybody think drinking rosé  in the summer time all of a sudden gives them a European back round? Like It doesn’t. I understand it’s a pretty color and we all think it represents summer vibes, but really without a tremendous amount of ice, it definitely starts to just taste like rabbit piss. Nobody even knows why it’s that color or how the fuck it’s really made? Just because you’re by a pool or at lunch and it’s about 80 degrees, doesn’t mean rosé is the only thing you can order. Not to mention Instagram every sip so that the whole world knows you’re on the rosé train. You don’t all of a sudden become more cultured or half french… you just don’t. Mind you I do this OFTEN and I hate myself for it, but I do half the Euro side down pact with Susan being swiss and all…

Continuing on with the unrelated themes in this post. GIRLS! Showing up uninvited to a guys house is the same thing as stalking. Trust me..I know, I have been there, along with the occasional pounding on the door. All and all it’s really just a terrible look and does NOTHING for your self esteem, like NOTHING. Oh and the guy tells all his friends how batshit crazy you are, which you are for doing that, but he LOVES IT. Boy does he just love that you’re giving his mini ego enough attention that he actually has something to talk about, he can add  to the conversation for once. DON’T DO IT. This also goes for, incessantly calling, texting, emailing, and face timing. These are all MUTUAL activities that both parties should consent to and actually want to be apart of. AGAIN, trust me I KNOW, it’s never ever a  good look and years will pass by and you will want to kill yourself a little more and more…

Now if you”ll excuse me I am going to shower..first time since early yesterday morning (gross) and hop into my bathing suit and just get super bronzey for all of you, FUN!!!

Happy thursday-enjoy that office view 😉



  1. Jina   •  

    You ladies should check out RumFire for some Mai Tai’s! And fish tacos from Duke’s are pretty on point!

  2. Robin   •  

    Just got back from Maui. Have fun be sure to snorkel and go to Duke’s!!

  3. bianca callasandra   •  

    I love you!

  4. John Kirk Vincent   •  

    Rosé is nothing other than glorified white zinfandel and retails for about 5.99 at your local convenience store. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to know this doesn’t make you classy. Please stop this madness.

  5. Vivian   •  

    Such a beautiful place. Hawaii is so pretty! :)

  6. Karey moreno   •  

    You are such an inspiration to me on wanting to be successful and not caring what others think, I adore you

  7. LOl   •  

    How do you know how rabbit piss taste like??! Yaaak!

  8. Fast Touma   •  

    So nice! Keep up the good work Morgan… love your blog

  9. Jelena   •  

    Haha true story about rosé! I am from europe and people call it sissy wine. Its almost like drinking somersby for lunch in the summer with an excuse to cool off! No! If they wanna feel europien order white wine with san benedetto or Bevanda – white wine with plain old cold water. #classyEuro.
    Btw Morgan, you are rocking that pink
    Triangle! Xo

  10. Kymberly   •  

    background** xoxo

  11. Rose   •  

    I know you’re just trying to express yourself, but any self-respecting blogger should check their grammar.

  12. sacha   •  

    Are you kidding me Morgan? “We don’t know what rosé is made of” ?
    It’s a sort of wine, it’s made out of grapes such as every wine or champagne for a matter of fact.. what the.. this really flabbergasted me, I thought you were super smart! And rosé wine is just a summer drink since it’s sweeter and matches fruit and stuff which red wine obviously doesn’t.

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