“My Rack” is Here

Welcome to My Rack! Sorry I know you probably expected something a little more salacious, but this will still be fun! I wanted to provide you guys with a closer look at the virtual clothes rack of items I love and find on a daily basis. I feel that sometimes my  full looks are only visible when I’m out at some event I don’t want to be at or when I manage to take a photo of my complete look. The point of my rack is to be able to showcase my style in a way that you can all browse, enjoy and splurge on if you  desire! Every other week or so, I’ll pull together outfits, accessories and some dope shit I love to share with all of you for MY RACK! I hope you enjoy!


Here is Summer Volume 1


1. LISA MARIE FERNANDEZPoppy Vintage Nylon-Blend Bikini in Cream & Khaki

2. LISA MARIE FERNANDEZNatalie Bonded Flounce Nylon-Blend Bikini in Aqua & White

3. CHLOETriangle Polyamide-Blend Bikini in Black & White Stripes

4. LISA MARIE FERNANDEZGenevieve Zip High Waist Nylon-Blend Bikini in Black Vintage


6. K. Jacques – Buffon Snake-Print Thong Sandal

7. K. Jacques – Picon Two-Tone Thong Sandal, Natural/Platinum

8. K. Jacques – Picon Two-Tone Thong Slingback Sandal

9. Milly – Butterfly-Sleeve Silk Dress

10. Victoria Beckham Denim – Sleeveless Eyelet Overlap-Skirt Dress

11. Theory – Sunly Slub Wrap Tee Dress

12. DITACentury Sunglasses in Rose Gold & Brown

13. OLIVER PEOPLES WESTCabrillo Polarized Sunglasses in Crystal & Malibu Mirror

14. THIERRY LASRY – “Dirty Mindy” Sunglasses

15. THIERRY LASRY – “Sexxxy” Sunglasses



  1. Anya P.   •  

    I love all the suits and dresses!
    Kisses from the Caribbean

  2. Amanda   •  

    You know I’m all about the sunglass section! Why no Barton Perreira? Hopefully I’ll get to check out Thierry Lasry in person next week!


  3. Daniela   •  

    I love the sandals,so cute yet so simple… Just wanted to say i love your blog,keep up the good work..Love from Serbia :)

  4. Valentina   •  

    Love all the outfits! Keep doing this!

  5. Nazik   •  

    I love you and your style, Morgan. You’re my maain inspiration. Lots of love, from Central Asia <3 xx

  6. Noe   •  

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  7. Suzy   •  

    #14 “Dirty Mindy” hehehe best sunglasses ever!

  8. Jaclyn   •  

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