10:42 a.m., July 6th, 2014.

Brendan and I woke up about thirty-ish minutes ago, walked to Starbucks, came home, posted ourselves up on the couch, turned on Father of The Bride and here we are, One sentence into this blog post, woohoo! I should also add this was the first morning in two days that we woke up in Beverly Hills. We spent the fourth in Malibu and then of course the entire following day in Malibu, where we didn’t waste one opportunity of sun tanning, swimming, drinking and eating random sour candies that would just not stop appearing through out the house. What’s up with holiday weekends? It’s always the strangest array of junk food that resembles cuisine that would be the  first choice for a fifth grader’s birthday party!  The only thing missing were the Spider Man paper plates!

I will say this fourth of July was magical. You know the night’s you hope are fun and expect them to be because they’re just supposed to be but then suck? This was NOT the case this year! Everything was on another level awesome. From the no traffic getting to Malibu, to the perfect sunny day, to the perfect amount of day drinking without getting tired, to Ej cracking me up the entire way down PCH, to the company at the house (some of my oldest and nearest and dearest) to Dorothy and I dancing about two inches in front of Chris Breezy at Nobu to “These hoes ain’t loyal”…and just so we’re all clear – HE IS THAT HOT. It’s not an exaggeration of any kind, and then this shoulder dance he did came into play and that was the most NEXT LEVEL. I can’t even begin to explain, it was just a simple little dance move that will be forever embedded into my brain because it was just that fucking good.

I do on the other hand plan on only eating greens for the entire week due to all the random nonsense I consumed. I feel completely depleted and feel like my mouth is hot and dry and it’s going to take a tremendous amount of water to correct the issue, along with a serious intake of spinach.

Hope your fourth was as amazing as mine, need to go feed my boyfriend now before his mood starts to change!



  1. John Kirk Vincent   •  

    Let the moves flow as easily as the liquor. I would go so far as to say I too am my best self a few drinks deep.

  2. Monroe   •  

    Lol you crack me up girl!!

    It rained all day here on the east coast so I celebrated on the 5th! Some day drinking with friends and of course unlimited snacks!

  3. Krista   •  

    Love your blog!!!!

  4. sole   •  

    Love your blog…Chitown 4th was awesome..I find if I don’t expect amazing it just happens.

  5. NotoriousKym   •  

    Random snacks are thee best .. Plain Lays and snickers bites… The nails in my teeny waist coffin…

    • Amanda   •  

      lol @ the nails in my teeny waist coffin. classic!

  6. Amanda   •  

    Your weekend sounds way similar to mine – too much alcohol and junky (but delicious) food, capped off by movie time with the boyfriend. Except I also didn’t sleep much except for that one day where I slept way too much. I need to be on my best behavior since my vacay starts next week!

  7. Natasha   •  

    I came across your show on E! And you guys are hilarious. You literally say the most random, rude-ish funny comments I have ever heard in my life. #keepitreal

  8. Lexi   •  

    I think you are hilarious and you should really consider making your blog as an app because I am also very addicted to my phone and love reading your posts !


    Love you both and yes mine was amazeballs also! Big smooches from

  10. Joey   •  

    Why are you so fucking funny?

  11. Velvet   •  

    I’m glad that you all had a great time! I love Chris brown, too! He’s absolutely talented and Gorgeous, indeed!

  12. Cassie   •  

    i loveeeee father of the bride!!! a favorite of mine for sure! i think i just might need to watch it soon now lol. and father of the bride two! so cute when they are pregnant together!
    so fourth of july huh? sounds liike you had a great time! me and my boyfriend had a blast walking in a parade walking by all the smiling faces :) i didnt hear you mention fireworks .. no fireworks?

  13. Lexis   •  

    Can u please make ur blog into an app cus I seriously love reading ur blog!!!! Ily xo

  14. Bella   •  

    Hi Morgan, I am Bella from Sydney, Australia and I just wanted to comment on no wonderful your blog. All your fans including myself are all so proud of you. In this industry there will be ups and downs but you have to always stay strong and stay beautiful. Your blog is amaze balls and we all encourage you to keep developing it. Hope to see you in the Season 2 of Rich kids of Beverly Hills. Love from, Bella
    P.S. Sorry if I spelt BH wrong xxxxxxx

  15. Tiffany   •  

    We have the same love for CHRIS BREEZY! Have you seen the video of him DOUGIEing!? I encourage you to watch it….over and over and over again. I think I’m going to watch it now for the 23876452837th time.

  16. Ayelen   •  

    Love you on the show!! By far my favorite. Only thing is ew- Chris Brown? Woman beaters are not too cool…

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