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9:55 AM- COUCH, BAGUETTE AGAIN AND OUR FAVORITE LOBSTER TOY…I have no idea how this is always the set up. It just seems to work out that way… A few things I would like to discuss quickly. 1. My boyfriend is fully going bald. 2. I do need a nose job but will NEVER get one – EVER. Regardless of how unflattering it may be or how much I may not like it, I was obviously meant to look this way so I’m just going to go along with that plan. 3. Let’s be a little more creative with our hate comments? To everybody who watched and enjoyed the show, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Despite what you may think, this process was a lot of work and something we wanted to make fun/funny and fabulous or LUXE, I should say in the words of Dorothy :). To my readers who have been with BoobsandLoubs from the beginning- THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. I Have really grown up the past three years and have changed so much since my first couple of posts so I am glad you have stuck around despite my inconsistencies.

Tune in tonight for another episode of #RKOBH- LOTS of stringy hair and nose in this ep!



  1. Cindy Barojas   •  

    I am in love with you! you are my favorite from the show. You are gorgeous and extremely hilarious. XOXO

  2. Devin   •  

    lots of stringy hair and nose in this one hahaha you’re awesome. eff the haters. been with you from the beginning of boobsandloubs. so happy I got to see you and susan interact – i loved it.

  3. Em   •  

    fell in love instantly! <3

  4. JiaVeena   •  

    i like your blog , awesome ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. erika t   •  

    O I just loved the show Morgan..people r just jealous including me! U have the best life..can’t wait for more episodes…bring it girl!

  6. Bunny   •  

    Why do you speak so terribly on the show? If I were you I would quit that show as soon as possible, before your reputation is destroyed. How can you have so much money are act like that? Do you not have a soul?

  7. Poptarts   •  

    If you want someone that is real and not a fake in your life you can email me. I’m actually a real person that lives in the real world. I left all that Chanel and Dior bullshit behind years ago, graduated college and married the man of my dreams. Living below the one percent and enjoying life without the stress of who is who and what is what. You could use a dose of that. P.S. be nicer to your mother.

  8. andrea d.   •  

    First of all, funny is the best quality you can have. If others can’t see that, they are useless bitter people!!!! LOVE the show!!!

  9. Val F   •  

    you need to write a book.. you remind me of Babe Walker… and she is on book #2.. a good way to make your own $$$.. not that there is anything wrong with living off of anybody else…hahaha love you!

  10. Brit   •  

    Morgan, you seem to have a witty and fun personality! You are gorgeous and I can’t wait for the next show. I think this show is going to be very different from the other vapid reality shows on television. You have both brains and beauty and actually deserve being in the spotlight!

  11. Taylor   •  

    I live in Switzerland, and I can’t find ur reality show anywhere on the web. Do you mind helping me?

  12. Justin   •  

    Is the entire bethenny show a joke?? Im so confused as to how people can be so mad at someone they dont know at all. Perhaps they were all having a meltdown post adderall. (you circa 2010ish blogs) 😉

  13. Jealous   •  

    you are interesting! wow take some more selfies! omg i could like totally take a selfie too!

  14. @Richkidsofbeverlyhillsfans (Instagram)   •  

    Hey! You are hilarious, gorgeous, and fabulous and completly made my whole day when your show was on! I made a fanpage for you guys on instagram since I was so inspired!(: it’s @richkidsofbeverlyhillsfans btw


  15. Paddy Shaughnessy   •  

    Hey girl! LOVE your show! I’m from Louisville, Kentucky btw and we are not homophobes or homophobic at all! Louisville is a classy city you should try and come for the Kentucky Derby the first Saturday in May 1 year. It’s totally worth it. We love bourbon, champagne and don’t judge people like that at all. Come visit Kentucky some time and keep being you! :)

  16. Elly   •  

    Love your show and you don’t need a nose job ever! You look great the way you are!!! =)

  17. bianca callasandra   •  

    Dear poptarts, ur life sucks. Stop hating morgan!

  18. Eduardo Sanchez   •  

    Ha Ha Ha!

  19. no   •  

    your nose is perfect so everyone can fuck a hookers dirty pasty tampon for the hate comments.

    i miss red lip realness!

    xxo A

  20. amanda   •  

    I’ve followed your blog for awhile and you always appeared to be really witty and fun. this show portrays you as vapid, shallow and stupid. idk just my opinion. like you guys all behave like it’s 2006. nothing’s original.

  21. claire   •  

    Brendan is seriously Prince William lol I mean the balding too?!

  22. sarah   •  

    Seriously the best show. All the ugly poor haters are so jealous and have no idea what money or life is. You are gorgeous as well, your eyebrows and lips are perfection!! I thought you got juvederm in your lips though?? btw love your yellow celine bag and louboutin spiked pigalles. Keep killing it !!!

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  24. Carli   •  

    Loved the show! You actually got me wanting to blog again. I love how funny you are! And of course how fabulous all of you dress!

  25. Jennifer   •  

    I went in thinking I would hate the show, but I actually love it and I think you and Dorothy are delightful! You guys are privileged, yes, but still self aware – which seems to be a rare quality in people (rich and poor). As a vet student, my days are filled with poop, books and high anxiety – shows like your are such a stress relief and so entertaining!! Looking forward to the season and wishing you much luck!

  26. Zoe James   •  

    I saw the new show! As much as I hare the other girls voice (its so annoying). I will continue to watch because I love reality TV and all its craziness. I could just Imagine what some less fortunate haters are saying. but it was pretty entertaining, i can’t wait to see what the season brings

  27. Ana   •  

    Hi Morgan,
    I am going to watch the full season of the reality show. I will try to find videos on Youtube. Don’t worry about your boo’ hair. Some guys look more attractive with shaved hair. You don’t need a noose job. People will always say something. They will still bother you because they are just bored. About hate comments, yeah I understand. I had to delete my blog 3 times because the entire expats population attacked me. I am not upper middle class anymore, but haters will be always haters.I wrote a friendly post about the reality show. I could explain why people went so argo when they see people with money. About being rich, people don’t understand there is a big difference of being rich of well being and money. When people are poor, but they still have poor health of hating people they don’t know. I guess they will never become rich even they win the jackpot lottery. Btw, if you can read my post. You will understand where I came from

  28. Kiki Simone   •  

    Absolutely love your show! love how you all are just being yourselves and not afraid to do it. people are just haters cause they don’t have what you have. love your blog and have read it weekly since I started my own. great posts!

    Kiki Simone

  29. Melissa   •  

    You know why I actually enjoy this show? Because you are intelligent. Not to mention articulate and doing things for others. You’re living a life everyone wishes they could and speaking your mind the way everyone wants to. Haters are petty and / or jealous. I love it. Watching a repeat right now, perfect relaxing end to my birthday. 😉

  30. Elizabeth Lancaster   •  

    When you said, “I try not to smile at strangers. I’m saving what collagen I have left”. I was embarrassed for you. You are not a rich “kid”. You are adult. The show is gross, and the overindulgence is disgusting. I actually feel bad for you.

  31. Andrea Celeste   •  

    Dont let all the negative people who are going to try to bring you down succeed. Despite the money you seem to be such a fun and outspoken individual and I’m a huge fan. You have such a natural beauty to you it draws people to you instantly! Congrats on your new show/job and good luck with everything. STAY POSITIVE :)

    Love you, Andrea
    Instagram: andrrreaaxx

  32. Lbell4791   •  

    Hi, where did you get the strapless, peplum lace bodysuit you wear in the commercial promoting Show? Thank you!

    • Sabrina   •  

      I’ve looked everywhere if you find it let me know. ..

  33. dorothy   •  


  34. Juliet   •  

    Love this! Embrace the haters. They will get you the most views and ratings. I haven’t been so entertained in a while. Thanks for keeping it real and #fabuluxe!

  35. Stephanie   •  

    I love you and your nose! You are hilarious! Keep doing you girl

  36. Francisco   •  

    OMG I think you guys are sooooo cute, qiuck with the comebacks and HERlarious… its so brave of you to show yourselves and allow ppl into your world! I work in high-end retail and I love my richkids!! They are the best.. PHUCK them ppl who are only mad at themselves and need to put negativity out there and I admire your sense of HUMOR towards them. Cuz, common its really is just a hairflip! -<3 -Francisco

  37. Kiana Day   •  

    This is going to sound funny but you are a rolemodel of mine♡ I love the fact that youre successfull but you have fun in life as well. I like to see you succed because it gives me hope to be like you when I get older ♡ xoxo, Kiana Day age:12

  38. Jerry   •  

    Hey Morgan,

    Yep… you are funny and VERY pretty *Woman*. The impression I get from the show is that alot of it seems to just be an act… kinda reverse self deprication in a clever princessy entertaining kind of way… To me I can see a very high degree of intelligence and feeling and that’s what I like alot about you. Keep up the good work… you really make me smile.

    Thank You

  39. Debbie   •  

    I am not into fashion, money, or style at all, but I must say I love your show! (I’m the kind of person who wouldn’t even know a Loub or Choo shoe if I saw one, or has ever owned a purse that cost more than $20!) You are hysterically witty! Looking forward to the next episodes!

  40. Jennifer Long   •  

    You are my fav from the show so smart and hilarious. Of course your sweaty you’re catholic…I couldn’t stop laughing!
    Love your chemistry with Dorothy!

  41. Brandi   •  

    Seriously? I know people like you and your friends exist but to put it out there the way you do is disgraceful. I’m sure you live a fab life and kudos that you are able to do so but it is simply pathetic to flaunt it during a time when people are seriously struggling financially. Don’t get it twisted … No jealousy here! You lead a spectacular life but this show is shameful. Also … Kids ?? You are grown a$& adults! Enjoy your shallow life!

  42. Mischa   •  

    Hi, Morgan –

    You do NOT need a nose job. Ever. You are gorgeous the way you are. People who think otherwise must not have eyes. You are also seriously funny, so I don’t get all the meanies. They must not have a sense of humor. Boo to them.

    P.S. Opening a wine bottle IS hard. Thoughts of bikinis DO make ass bones quiver. And sometimes it DOES feel like your tampon isn’t in all the way. #truths!

  43. Jen Donahue   •  

    I watched RKOBH and expected to HATE it. I was so wrong. You and Dorothy are hilarious. I am hooked! <3 it

  44. Livii   •  

    “I try not to smile at strangers. I’m saving what collagen I have left”.
    .. lol I think that was a joke guys. If one of my close friends said that, I would laugh, so when a super rich girl on TV said it..I laughed.

    I’m one of those people who expected to hate this show lmao, thought it would just be just really obnoxious and shallow when I heard the “have you ever partied so hard you partied your eyebrows off? Cause I have.” quote on the previews over and over again….but once the show actually came on I couldn’t stop watching it, and now I’m definitely seeing that humor you girls are aiming for if anything. You definitely make the show though. Love the fact that you have your own blog makin it happen for yourself, although I doo wish I would hear a littttle bit more about this on the show, then again we’re only on episode 2 right…boobs and loubs is an awesome & totally fitting name. Which btw, I am extremely jelly of your louboutin collection… I have been raised middle class by parents who will not support my taste in fashion, soo no I have not yet gotten the chance to own a pair yet;(.. in my younger crazy stupid days I spent all the savings money I could have used on multiple pairs of loubs on multiple bottles, drinks and partying…guess I’m just gonna have to actually work my ass off and make it happen for myself now! I’m an Esthetician starting my own spa business, Luxe Botanica, and I am a freak about skincare & the ingredients you’re actually putting on your skin. (Btw, try the skincare line Eminence, you would LOVE it, very luxurious, organic, result oriented, well known line that I use on myself and my clients, along with my own skincare line) I am working on trying to start a skincare blog on my website. This is getting way too long, I write way too much, I could probably write a book myself.
    Anyway, you’re blog is very inspiring, and good luck with your hilarious and luxurious show, I will keep watching!

  45. Nik   •  

    Love the show Morgan, good to see it’s coming together for you! Also, really I agree with you about never getting a nose job. You look a bit like Anna Paquin and I think a different nose would take away from that. Stay the way you are!

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