I’m currently very annoyed because I have run out of make-up wipes…. it’s just not the same washing your makeup off without the first step of the very crucial wipe… I also have had such a PMS induced headache all day long which as you can imagine has really not been pleasant for poor Brendan. I think we’ve all been a little tense besides the PMS. Officially two shows have aired, I no longer have any control over my Instagram and keeping track of any friend activity…which is just bizarre? Most of the responses that I have personally gotten have been positive, and the negative usually come from a random 13 year old from Nebraska who has an abundance of photos with his mom and dog? Like wtf? I just don’t understand the shit talking on people’s photos? Like isn’t the point of being cool at that age- is to actually be cool and ignore “losers” like me? Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble I have just been processing exactly what is going on in my life currently. I must say I am more than grateful for the show and for the experience…I was always somebody who was a bit of a late bloomer, and always desperate for success in some way that I could say was created by myself – school never quite panned out the way it’s supposed to.

So if for some reason you feel as though you are or have experienced any of what I just mentioned above…I will say everybody has their moment. EVERYBODY.

K bedtime..night!!


  1. Sarahmn   •  

    Everybody does have their moment life happens, people change

  2. Joanie   •  

    Hey! What type of makeup wipes don you use? Looking for better ones. Thanks!

  3. Tracey   •  

    Morgan, you have to get Precleanse by Dermalogica. Perfect for taking off make-up before washing your face. Also. If you already don’t have a Clairisonic – get one! It washes your face for you!

  4. Jerri   •  

    First off—I was cracking up when I read this because I was whining to my boyfriend for about an hour last night because I ran out of makeup wipes. ESSENTIAL. Second, congratulations on the show! It is SO refreshing to see a reality show featuring wealthy people who aren’t absolute airheads. Even after only a couple episodes, it is clear that the show has a lot of heart. Thank you for the laughs and I wish you all enormous success.

  5. Lexie Ross   •  

    Hi Morgan! I love the show & your actually my favorite! I liked you since I saw you on the Bethenny show! I think most people don’t know how to deal with other people having a lot of money & immediately want to judge them or say negative things but like I said I actually find the show very interesting and admire you! I could only hope wish & dream to have the beautiful things you have so I just watch the show & wish it was my life! Hahaha and now I have your blog to follow too! but my son & I watch it together every week we love you so don’t worry about the neg comments, they will have something bad to say no matter what!!

  6. Esmeralda Rivera   •  

    I just have to say that I see so much of myself in you and Dorothy…even down to the lack of makeup wipes. Unfortunately now I can’t afford the makeup wipes….due to a curve ball thrown my way while I was helping needy community…my life turned upside down and I could not maintain my life. So be very careful to protect yourselves….you have the world at your reach. Xoxo

  7. Whitney Jo   •  

    I’ve watched both episodes now and followed y’all on Instagram and I just feel compelled to tell you that you’re fantastic. I’m a poor and uneducated chick from Arkansas, and I don’t idolize celebrities or socialites, but the outrageous things that come out of your mouth make me laugh so hard. I’ve always said if I ever won the lottery, half of it is going immediately to Louboutins. So you’re collection is remarkable, and I have no shame in being jealous of your lifestyle just for that very reason. 😉 There are so many haters on social media it makes me sick, but at the same time, your humor seems so lighthearted that I like to imagine you reading all the stupid comments and literally laughing your ass off. So I’ll be reading your blog, and speaking of all of your fabulosity to everyone I can here in Ar. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us that can only dream of living the way you and your friends do. Shameless and unapologetic and I love it!!!

    • Monica   •  

      Yes! Completely agree! “Shameless and unapologetic and I love it!!!” Same!

  8. Carol   •  

    Hi, any advice on facial treatments? You look good! Thanks

    • Beeta Ouraie   •  

      If people are rude to you it’s because they are super jeal. I would not let it get to you. Look at Kim k’s whole sitch. She was preggo and everyone was saying she was fat. Honestly just ignore it. Like don’t you think if you were trying to please the world you would have chose a different career? Block & ignore. You’re amazing! Xo

  9. Britania Perez   •  

    I was sleepless on my last night in NYC and caught your show on TV late night. You are so honestly blunt…and I love it!! Ha! I have that very same fab curse as I refer to it! Keep it up girl! I use Rodan + Fields make-up wipes and skin care line! I absolutely love every part of it!

  10. Nancy   •  

    Hhahahah so true’ i love your blog and im literally obsessed with RKOBH xx

    • admin   •  


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  12. TeethandTravel   •  

    I am a highly educated dental student. I am well traveled and am actually an immigrant from a 3rd world country. Basically, I am not an airhead and I think your show and dialogue is fantastic.

    I think that you guys are really clever and funny. Granted, you live in excess, but that means nothing to me. Your show is fun and witty. Someone else has said this, but you remind me of Babe Walker from “Rich Girl Problems.” I think you’re great and keep on doing what you’re doing, people are really mean and jealous and that’s just the way the world is.

  13. Lauren Vomero   •  

    Morgan I think you are amazing! F*ck the negative comments! I am a huge fan of yours already, after only watching the first few episodes! I think the exposure is going to make you a huge success and I really hope it does! You sure know how to make people laugh and in this world that sometimes is the best part of life! I hope this experience leads you to the success you’re looking for, and I’ll always be a huge fan! Much love xoxo

  14. Rachelle Thomas   •  

    Keep it classy, pay no mind to those who are obv below you. Positive vibes & energy your way gorgeous! Love the show :)

  15. MK   •  

    I think you’re great, love your blog but the show is really sad. This is what rich people do with their children? The rich kids I know have as much money as all of the parents of the kids on your show and they’re expected to have a point and graduate college or they get cut off and that means literally. Not hating but being famous for being on a show like this isn’t sexy. Being reality star famous, isn’t a win in Hollywood, either. Would you want to be Bethany Frankel? Or any of the reality stars you see on TV long range? Their careers suck, they’re not elite. The average reality star doesn’t really make much money in the end either. E makes the show look really forced. Really, at a private penthouse party a check is handed like you just had dinner at some restaurant? You have a great personality. Kind of a shame to go this route. Wishing you the best luck though. You have talent in you, but you the stuff you think matters doesn’t and that’s what gets in your way. Move to another country or city and really live on your own. Attempt to support yourself. Make it a point to. Hang around people who do not refer to themselves as princesses or dear god want to ever be seen as such and live at home with their parents at 25. Most people would be ashamed. It’ll do wonders for your reality and your future.

  16. Melissa S   •  

    I absolutely adore you and admire your candidness… Great show. XX oh, and your skin is amazinggg I am like the other 1000 ppl wondering what mask you use. I want glowy skin toooo

  17. Hanna   •  

    “school never quite panned out the way it’s supposed to.

    So if for some reason you feel as though you are or have experienced any of what I just mentioned above…I will say everybody has their moment. EVERYBODY.”

    This really touched me because I got pregnant when I was 19 years old and gave birth to my son at 20. I tried going back to college but couldn’t balance working full-time, being a full-time mom and going to school. But this makes me believe that life won’t always be hard.

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