Mind you the title of my posts come completely at random. I just looked over to my left and saw that there was a beautiful bouquet of white roses on the table. Hence the title of today’s post. I am currently writing this post braless, in sweats and sneakers with my hair on top of my head and VERY puffy cheeks from the random overdose of red wine consumption last night. I was a teensy bit hungover this morning which was not appreciated considering it was NOT the goal. I also have a slew of mediocre photos on my phone that I just spent the past twenty minutes deleting. Where should we begin? I have the whole day off!! I am soo happy about this as I can just leisurely walk to go get my nails and toes done with no time crunch killing my vibe. I’m even going to splurge and get a shoulder massage while sitting there and May even pick up a smoothie on the way.

As I finished that last sentence, I just realized I have to get gas!!!!! There is nothing more annoying than having to get gas when you’re trying to spend the day walking… But you know if you avoid it that 8:00 am call time is going to be EXTRA painful with a stop having to be made. It’s especially annoying when you drive green, now if you’re just new to BoobsandLoubs you may not know this about me. The Stewart family is VERY Pro green life. Pro animals, lot’s of discovery channel and Nat Geo. Lot’s and lots of hiking as a child, Herbert gets very upset when any python purchases are made, (I can’t help it)  we had a pet anaconda growing up – “Andy the Anaconda”, he lived in a mega glass cage in our garage and he also bit my index finger when we brought him to “show and tell” when I was in preschool.  None of this is made up. I know… We did solar panels before they were trendy and Range Rovers before they were mass produced.  Now we are pro Prius. Nail time!


  1. Jake cimbal   •  

    Wow this is my first time reading it and it’s actually really funny lol
    If you can email me back I really want to ask you something

  2. Adriana   •  

    Very cute. This posts reveals your heart’s genuineness.

  3. Bill   •  

    Private jets are not at all green.

  4. Teresa   •  

    Yay for pro green and animals! I need to start being a little greener! And getting gas…well I’d have to agree when I need to get it- it kills my vibe too. It’s such a chore! Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about it! Haha.


    Going green and bra-less is the only way to live. xoxo from

  6. konst   •  

    Pro nuclear! Solar is overrated.

  7. Elizaveta   •  

    Please post more of your manicure!! Thanks!!

  8. Hila   •  

    Love the way you write. Love to read your blog.
    Hila from israel

    • Areaka   •  

      Hey i love your blog, really cool and laid out. Check mine out I just started blogging

  9. judy   •  

    So when is the RKBH going to air?

    • Lacy   •  

      August 3rd!!

  10. christy   •  

    I enjoyed you on Stephanie and Lynette’s podcast, For Crying Out Loud.

  11. judy   •  

    Thanks Lacy. I can’t wait.

  12. Kristie   •  

    I don’t think people see the BIG Prius picture ( sorry to rain on peoples parade)… yes right now.. eco friendly… but when they conk out… those batteries are so incredibly toxic… and their will certainly be a crisis of batteries in the near future..Nasty.. but hey.if they think of a solution to get rid of that toxic waste.. then keep on truckin.

    • HungryHippo   •  

      Amen! Exactly. If they really want to go green, they need to go diesel.

      • konst   •  

        The only solution is 4th gen nuclear energy. You can make synthetic gasoline from the CO2 in the air therefore doesn’t add to greenhouse gases.

  13. Areaka   •  

    Hey i love your blog! Really clean, i just started blogging recently. Check my blog out

  14. Cassie   •  

    whats your preference .. white or red wine? i love red =P

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