Happy Saturday!

It’s a jam packed saturday for yours truly. We (Brendan and I) have a birthday party today ( in the hot sweltering sun) and one tonight. Of course I have to get my make-up done now because 1. I’M AN ASSHOLE and 2. Because my girl is busy later today… fully attempting to do my own hair which is always a disaster and ends up in some weird braid anyway…Btw none of this nonsense has anything to do with today’s post (As per usual) but it feels forced and awky to just get right into talking about lipstick… BUT… since you brought it up…..GUYS..

I filmed something for E! last Sunday and the make-up artist on site gifted me this lipstick and I am not even kidding, IT’S THE ONLY I HAVE USED IN SEVEN DAYS. Not only is it the perfect shade of nude but the wearability truly is unbelievable. DISCLAIMER: I’m definitely not getting paid to say any of this, I really just feel strongly enough about this stuff that I just wanted to pass it along. It has definitely has been a spotlight on my lips for the past week. Hope you enjoy!

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