Hi Guys!!!!

As you know, I’ve always been a HUGE fan of essie polish! I mean, have you ever seen my countless snaps?! I find all of the witty shade names SO adorable and usually have a hard time choosing just one color, so I’ve been playing around with some fun nail art lately!

Also, they have a new line called gel couture with the “twisted” bottle that I have been seeing everywhere! So, I decided to stop by Olive & June in Beverly Hills to give it a try. With 42 shades to choose from, it was a tough decision, but I went with pre-show jitters (light colors have really been my thing lately) and a fun pop of orange using looks to thrill. We then topped it off with the gel couture top coat. The best part about this mani was the fact that it was so quick! There was NO need for a base-coat or any UV lights! I always get weirded out by those machines! What exactly are those lights doing to my hands and most importantly to my jewelry?!

It’s safe to say I am now gel couture believer! My mani lasted for two whole weeks and I was even able to remove it with my usual nail polish remover! I’m OBSESSED! Check out my final look below!



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