Morgan Stewart X Touché LA LUNCH

SO  I opted for FALL colors for my Launch lunch for Touché. Clearly I thought this was a wise decision considering it’s the middle of fucking OCTOBER.  Obviously Los Angeles isn’t known for it’s changing of seasons but I very much pay attention to how the rest of the world is dressing. I am not somebody who is walking around in jean shorts just because it’s “LA”. I try to incorporate fall clothing/colors as much as I can especially when IN FALL. This was probably the one time I should have thrown out all of my personal rules. IT WAS LITERALLY 8390457983759834857984 DEGREES ON THIS DAY. The small puddle that formed in between my breasts and down my back was so offensive I had to keep standing for most of the day just to get a little draft going (The rosé didn’t help). SIDE NOTE THO: I am not somebody that sweats through their clothing. I am really not sure why or how I’m lucky in this regard but I’ll take it!

BTW It’s 11:44am and I am on a no booze diet until FRIDAY. Meaning there is no red wine happening for me all week long. It’s been a very social few weeks and my poor body needs to shed the bloat, especially the horrific face bloat! But of course randomly there is a BAG of Rusty’s potato chips to the right of my computer just starrrrring at me. I have no idea why or how this bag of chips ended up on my desk. Obviously I am going to blame Brendan for this, BUT, STILL, COME ON MANNNNNN. I just need to keep typing so my hands are occupied and I don’t reach for the bag….

MOVING RIGHT ALONG – OUTFIT DETAILS BELOW. My shoes are CÉlINE and they were virtually impossible to find online but in case YOU WANT TO go this route and purchase them – THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE!




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  1. You are absolutely flawless. I love that even though you look happy, you still have that “I’ll fuck you up” look in your eyes.

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