THANKSGIVING GUYS!I hope you all had an amazing time with your loved ones/families, and hopefully there was some booze involved 😉

I have nothing but to feel the MOST grateful everyday for being granted the most amazing husband, having the BEST parents/family, and of course having special and meaningful friendships! This next tidbit might surprise you BUT I am somebody who truly never takes anything for granted. Regardless of how much I may complain or how seemingly difficult I am, I always take a minute out of everyday to recognize and appreciate my life in it’s current standing. I remind myself to be to be thankful for everything I have in this life, the good, the bad and the ugly no matter what kind of day I’m having.

BTW that was not some bullshit post thanksgiving rant. Everything I just wrote down is an absolute truth.I’m somebody who is very aware that at any moment things can change forever so I try to be one step ahead and feel like I cherished everything accordingly.



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