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1:50PM ON this glorious Tuesday afternoon. ( I always feel like it’s 2010 when I write on here, I get VERY NOSTALGIC!!) I’m very excited to share that Boobs and Loubs is and will continue to be up and running, AGAIN. This is long overdue and after many failed attempts I finally have enlisted myself some help to make sure things remain consistent. I, of course, will oversee the site and pop in with posts written by me but, the site will mainly consist of all the information you guys DM me about.

Fashion, Beauty, Fitness ETC. All projects I’m working on will also be updated on the site to keep you guys informed on my day to day life since it’s very important we know what each other is up to! Please feel free to email the Boobs and Loubs team with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have: You’re also more than welcome to DM me, all messages are checked even if I don’t get a chance to respond to all of them individually.

Hope you enjoy the new site!



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  1. Hi morgan! I love your blog, it´s basically part of my daily routine to check this out before I go to work. I would love to see you doing your makeup, you always look so flawless, your makeup always look on point! hair flip!
    Kisses from Venezuela

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